Marine identification key

Identification key to marine invasive species in Nordic waters

Invasive alien species are considered the second biggest threat to biodiversity globally. Correct identification of alien species is a key issue for preventing the spread of these species as well as monitoring the effects on local ecosystems. Marine organisms are considered especially difficult to identify, and also, once established in a new marine region, almost impossible to get rid of. The NOBANIS identification key to marine invasive species is a Nordic project based on expert taxonomic knowledge. It is aimed at users in management of invasive species and marine biodiversity who are not trained taxonomists, but it can be useful to anyone with an interest in marine life.
The key covers the marine invertebrates and fish presently known to be introduced in Nordic waters. However, Nature is dynamic and new species continue to appear. Therefore the key has been designed to permit addition of information on new species arriving in the region.

Keys and fact sheets have been written by Dr. Kathe R. Jensen and the web-version has been generated in collaboration with an expert network from institutions in the Nordic countries, the Danish Nature Agency and the Agency for Spatial and Environmental Planning, both under the Danish Ministry of the Environment. Funding has been provided by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

If you have problems using this key, or if you have a species that does not seem to fit any of the species described in fact sheets or through links you can send a digital photo; please also include location, date, and your name and contact information.
We will update the key and incorporate corrections and additions regularly.


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