Identification key end: Parasites: End Pseudodactylogyrus

You have a Pseudodactylogyrus anguillae (Yin & Sproston, 1948) or a Pseudodactylogyrus bini (Kikuchi, 1929) – parasitic digeneans in eel

Common names: None known


These species are parasitic on the gills of eels.


Native distribution: East Asia. In the native area these two species parasitize Japanese eel.

Introduced distribution: They have been introduced first with Japanese eels to Russia and later probably with the transport of elvers of either Japanese or European eels. Now they are found in most European countries and are also spreading to North America. First introduced record for P. anguillae was in 1977 in an eel farm in the Soviet Union. The first record in Denmark was in 1985, but at this time it was estimated to have been present for some years. Now it is widespread and common in Danish eels. P. bini was also first found in Denmark in 1985, but this species is still restricted to eel farms and to Esrom Lake, where it probably arrived after a near-by eel farm closed down (Køie, 1988, 1991).


They feed on gill tissues and blood (Buchmann et al., 1987).


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