Cotoneaster horizontalis (Rosaceae, Angiosperms)

Common names:Fächer-Steinmispel (AT), Fächer-Zwergmispel (DE), Lodret og vandret (DK), Cainchín balla (IE), Gulsciasis kaulenis (LT), Vlakke dwergmispel (NL), krypmispel (NO), Irga pozioma (PL), Lingonoxbär (SE)
Habitats:Coastland, Disturbed areas, Grass and heathlands, Rocks and lavafields, Urban areas
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Country Introduction year Status Frequency Invasiveness
Austria (AT) <1935 Established Very common Not known
Belgium (BE) 1982 Established Local Invasive
Denmark (DK) Not known Rare Not invasive
Germany (DE) Not known Not known Not known
Ireland (IE) Established Common Potentially invasive
Lithuania (LT) 1992 Not established Rare Not invasive
Netherlands (NL) Established Rare Potentially invasive
Norway (NO) 1982 Established Not known Invasive
Poland (PL) Not known Not known Not known
Sweden (SE) 1969 Established Rare Invasive


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