Oncorhynchus mykiss (Salmonidae, Fish)

Common names:Regenbogenforelle (AT, DE), Rainbow trout (BY), pstruh duhový (CZ), Regnbueørred (DK), vikerforell (EE), kirjolohi (FI), Regnbogasilungur (IS), Vaivorykstinis upetakis (LT), varavīksnes forele (LV), Regenboogforel (NL), regnbueørret (NO), Pstrąg tęczowy (PL), микижа (RU), Regnbåge (SE)
Synonymes:Fario gairdneri, Onchorhynchus mykiss, Onchorrhych, Salmo gairdnerii, Fario gairdneri, Parasalmo mykiss, Salmo mykiss
Habitats:Coastland, Estuaries and brackish areas, Lakes, Marine habitats, Watercourses
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Country Introduction year Status Frequency Invasiveness
Austria (AT) 1884 Established Common Potentially invasive
Belarus (BY) Established Not known Not known
Czech Republic (CZ) Established Common Not known
Denmark (DK) Established Common Not invasive
Estonia (EE) 1896 In captivity/culture Local Potentially invasive
European part of Russia (RU) 1879 Established Common Invasive
Finland (FI) 1898 Established Common Not invasive
Germany (DE) 1887 Established Not known Invasive
Iceland (IS) 1951 Not established, In captivity/culture Rare Not invasive
Latvia (LV) 1899 Not established Not known Not known
Lithuania (LT) 1885 Established Local Invasive
Netherlands (NL) 1898 Not established Rare Not invasive
Norway (NO) 1902 Established Not known Invasive
Poland (PL) 1882 Not established Common Potentially invasive
Sweden (SE) 1892 Established Common Invasive


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