Prunus serotina (Rosaceae, Angiosperms)

Common names:Späte Traubenkirsche (AT, DE), stÅ™emcha pozdní (CZ), Glansbladet hæg (DK), hilistoomingas  (EE), kiitotuomi (FI), Amerikaanse vogelkers (NL), romhegg (NO), Glanshägg (SE)
Synonymes:Padus serotina, Cerasus serotina, Prunus virginiana
Habitats:Agricultural areas, Disturbed areas, Grass and heathlands, Mixed conifer/broadleaf forest, Shrublands, Temperate broadleaf forest, Urban areas
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Country Introduction year Status Frequency Invasiveness
Austria (AT) <1890 Established Common Potentially invasive
Belgium (BE) 1937 Established Very common Invasive
Czech Republic (CZ) Neophyte Established Local Invasive
Denmark (DK) Established Common Invasive
Estonia (EE) 1932 Not known Rare Not known
European part of Russia (RU) Established Rare Not invasive
Finland (FI) Not known Not known Not invasive
Germany (DE) 1900's Not known Not known Not known
Lithuania (LT) 1976 Established Local Invasive
Netherlands (NL) <1700 Established Very common Invasive
Norway (NO) 1980 Established Not known Invasive
Poland (PL) 1813 Established Not known Invasive
Sweden (SE) 1957 Established Local Invasive


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