Ribes aureum (Grossulariaceae, Angiosperms)

Common names:Gold-Johannisbeere (AT), Guld-ribs (DK), kuldsõstar  (EE), Auksuotasis serbentas (LT), смородина золотистая (RU), Gullrips (SE)
Synonymes:Ribes tenuiflorum , Ribes inodorum, Ribes palmatum
Habitats:Disturbed areas, Grass and heathlands, Urban areas
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Country Introduction year Status Frequency Invasiveness
Austria (AT) <1885 Not established Local Not known
Denmark (DK) Not known Rare Not invasive
Estonia (EE) 1797 Not known Rare Not known
European part of Russia (RU) Established Common Not invasive
Germany (DE) Not known Not known Not known
Lithuania (LT) 1962 Established Local Potentially invasive
Sweden (SE) Not known Not known Not invasive


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