Reynoutria japonica (Polygonaceae, Angiosperms)

Common names:křídlatka japonská (CZ), Japonine reinutre (LT), Japānas dižsūrene (LV), parkslirekne (NO), рейнутрия японская (RU)
Synonymes:Fallopia japonica, Polygonum cuspidatum, Tiniaria japonica
Habitats:Disturbed areas, Grass and heathlands, Lakes, Riparian zones, Temperate broadleaf forest, Urban areas, Watercourses, Wetlands
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Country Introduction year Status Frequency Invasiveness
Austria (AT) <1870 Established Very common Invasive
Belgium (BE) 1888 Established Very common Invasive
Czech Republic (CZ) <1892 Established Common Invasive
Estonia (EE) Not known Local Not known
European part of Russia (RU) 1924 Established Local Invasive
Finland (FI) Established Local Invasive
Germany (DE) 1872 Not known Not known Not known
Ireland (IE) 1902 Established Very common Invasive
Latvia (LV) 1907 Established Rare Potentially invasive
Lithuania (LT) 1935 Established Common Potentially invasive
Netherlands (NL) 1886 Established Very common Invasive
Norway (NO) 1910 Established Not known Invasive
Poland (PL) 1882 Established Not known Invasive
Sweden (SE) >1880 Established Common Invasive


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