Picea sitchensis (Pinaceae, Coniferous plants)

Common names:Sitka-gran (DK), sitka kuusk  (EE), Sitkagreni (IS), sitkagran (NO), Świerk sitkajski (PL), Sitkagran (SE)
Synonymes:Picea menziesii, Picea sitkaensis
Habitats:Boreal forest, Coastland, Grass and heathlands, Mixed conifer/broadleaf forest, Rocks and lavafields, Urban areas
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Country Introduction year Status Frequency Invasiveness
Denmark (DK) Established Rare Invasive
Estonia (EE) 1797 Not known Rare Not known
Iceland (IS) 1904 Established Local Not invasive
Ireland (IE) 1970's Established Very common Potentially invasive
Norway (NO) 1890 Established Not known Invasive
Poland (PL) Not known Not known Not known
Sweden (SE) 1941 Established Local Invasive


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