Tamias sibiricus

Tamias sibiricus Photo: András Demeter

Scientific name: Tamias sibiricus (Laxmann, 1769)

Common name: Siberian chipmunk, Asian chipmunk, sibirisk jordegern (DK)

Synonyms: Eutamias sibiricus Laxmann, 1769

We have now confirmed that Tamias sibiricus has at least 1 established population in Denmark. They have been observed in Teglgårdsparken, a bit north of Silkeborg (see map), which is an urban area, where they live in gardens. Apparently they have been here for 5-6 years without being reported. At least 6 individuals has been observed. They are most likely escaped from captivity.

No actions has been taken yet, because at the moment the species is not observed to behave invasively and also because there is no legislation in Denmark allowing the administration to catch it on private property.

10-15 years ago, there was another population in Denmark, at the Fures√ł. (see map in the DAISIE fact sheet). Over a few years the population grew to 40-50 pairs and it was decided to eradicate it. Traps were set up, and it was shot, which kept the population down, but the eradication was not successful. A few years the population was gone. At the same time there was a growing population of mink in the area.

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