Procyon lotor

Procyon lotor Photo: Inger Weidema

Scientific name: Procyon lotor (Linnaeus 1758)

Common name: Raccoon (GB) Waschbär (DE), Vaskebjørn (DK), Pesukaru (EE), Pesukarhu (FI), Paprastasis meškėnas (LT), Jenot (LV), Vanlig vaskebjørn (NO), Szop pracz (PL) Jenot poloskun, Енот-полоскун (RU), Tvättbjörn (SE).

Synonyms: Ursus lotor L., 1758, Lotor vulgaris Tiedemann, 1808, Procyon annulatus G. Fischer, 1814

Two raccoons Procyon lotor were caught in Göteborg's harbour (see map) June 8th 2010. A third dead raccoon was also found in the area. They are presumed to have entered Sweden with a ship from perhaps Germany. There are plans for searching the area with the help of dogs to find other raccoons that could be present.

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