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Carassius auratus

Common names: Sølvkarusse (Guldfisk)(DK)

Synonymes: Carasius auratus, Carassius auratus argenteaphthal

Group: Fish

Family: Chenopodiaceae

Habitats: Lakes, Watercourses

Carassius auratus auratus

Common names: Karaś złocisty(PL)


Group: Fish

Family: Cyprinidae

Habitats: Lakes, Under human management, Watercourses

Carassius gibelio

Common names: harilik hõbekoger(EE), hopearuutana(FI), Giebel(NL)

Synonymes: Carassius auratus gibbosa, Cyprinus gibelio

Group: Fish

Family: Cyprinidae

Habitats: Estuaries and brackish areas, Lakes, Watercourses, Vector