Clarias gariepinus in Poland

Species name:Clarias gariepinus
Common names:Sum afrykański
Habitats:Not known
Time of introduction:
Year of first report:
Type of introduction:Not known
Distribution details:
Donor area:
Status:Not known
Frequency:Not known
Invasiveness:Not known
Impact:Not known
Last updated28-01-2011 (day-month-year)
Resources: Google image search
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  • Sadowski J., Trzebiatowski R. 1993 Sum afrykański (Clarias gariepinus) Burchell 1822 - nowy gatunek hodowlany w Polsce, Komunikaty Rybackie, 3, 11-12
  • Teugels, G.G. 1986 A systematic revision of the African species of the genus Clarias (Pisces; Clariidae)., Ann. Mus. R. Afr. Centr., 247, 199, Sci. Zool.
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