Acartia tonsa in Denmark

Species name:Acartia tonsa
Common names:
Synonymes:Acanthacartia tonsa, Acartia giesbrechti, Acartia
Habitats:Marine habitats
Time of introduction:
Year of first report:1921
Type of introduction:Unintentional
Distribution details:Indo-pacific region
Donor area:The netherlands via North America
Frequency:Very common
Impact:Not known
Comments:First recorded in Ringkøbing Fjord in 1921, and studying plankton samples from previous years showed that it had not been present prior to 1919
Last updated10-01-2016 (day-month-year)
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  • Jensen, Kathe R. (2010): NOBANIS – Invasive Alien Species Fact Sheet – Acartia tonsa – From: Identification key to marine invasive species in Nordic waters – NOBANIS, Date of access 16/01-2013
  • Knudsen, J. (1989a). Immigration of Marine Invertebrates to the Limfjord (Denmark) and the North Sea-Baltic Transition Area. - In: E. Spanier, Y. Steiberger, & M. Luria (Eds.), Environmental Quality and Ecosystem Stability (pp. 135-145). Jerusalem, Israel
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