Rana esculenta in Sweden

Species name:Rana esculenta
Group:Reptilia & amphibia
Common names:Åtlig groda
Habitats:Not known
Time of introduction:
Year of first report:1983
Type of introduction:Intentional
Distribution details:
Donor area:
Frequency:Not known
Impact:Not known
Comments:Native to a part of Sweden, but introduced to other biogeographic regions where it is not found naturally
Last updated15-10-2013 (day-month-year)
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  • Berg, L.M. & Nilsson, T. (1997). Introduktion av främmande arter i svensk landmiljö – Omfatning och konsekvenser. Naturvårdsverket Förlag, rapport 4658.
  • Gederaas, L., Moen, T.L., Skjelseth, S and Larsen, L.K. 2012. Alien Species in Norway - with the Norwegian Black List. The Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, Norway
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