Identification key end: Hydrozoa: Pachycordyle navis

You have a Pachycordyle navis or a native species

Pachycordyle navis (Millard, 1959) (=Thieliana n.; Clavopsella navis) – possibly a Ponto-Caspian species, but not certain. Has been found in South Africa, the Baltic, the U.K., Germany and is established in the Netherlands (Wolff, 2005). Specimens collected from the Isefjord, Denmark and identified as Corydendrium dispar Kramp, 1935 (Rasmussen, 1973) has been re-examined and identified as N. bachei (Schuchert, 2004). In the UK there is an action plan for this species. For further information see:

Drawing of Pachycordyle navis(from Schuchert, P. 2007)